Meet The Team

We are an amateur women’s cycling team, focused on shredding corners and having fun.  100% of the team has roots in cyclocross, and we’re stoked to add in pavement. Our focus will be to grow and learn on the road in 2020, powered by the best coffee!

Christin Reuter

A mountain biker at heart, Christin loves all things two-wheeled, and recently fell for going fast in circles.

Melissa Gawron

Melissa comes from a running/mountain biking background and decided to give road racing a try. She is super excited to be on a team with like minded ladies and is looking forward to learning new skills, as well as potentially podium-ing a Cat 4 race!”

Kayla Brannen

Kayla is a native Vermonter who loves mountain biking, road biking and cyclocross. “My husband and I met on a bike ride and since then cycling has allowed me to see so much of the world. I’m super excited to be on a crit team with a great group of ladies!”

Roni Vetter

Jauron Vetter, also known as Roni, has been riding and racing bikes since 2010. Her main discipline is cyclocross, but she is excited to give criterium and road racing a go! Besides racing bikes, she is the chef/owner of Jake’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream & Bakery in Nashua, NH.

Shylah Weber

Shylah is entering her fifth full season of road racing and is one of those crazy people who loves climbing! She’s excited to expand her horizons by adding some criteriums and MTB races to her schedule this year and to take on her first year in the UCI fields for cyclocross!

Mira Fowler

Mira has been racing cyclocross for five seasons, and has been riding bikes her whole life. She loves to mountain bike and downhill in her free time. Mira is a three time JAM Fund grant recipient, and often volunteers for the NCC junior cyclocross camp and program. This will be her third year racing crits/road, and she is very excited to be joining the BikeReg-Share Coffee team!

Becca Jaroszewski

After years of hanging around bike races and growing strong bonds within the community, Becca is now on her fourth season of road racing. She loves exploring new places by bike, even mountains, and spending time with people who love the sport. She hopes to get better at cyclocross eventually ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Julianne Tauscher

With more than a decade of cyclocross and road racing under her belt, Julianne is looking forward to a summer of crit racing with the team. She also juggles a full-time schedule as a Nurse Practitioner and is a mom to two Shred Boys.

Caitrin Huysman

Caitrin started racing mountain bikes in high school, with cyclocross and road a few years later. She can’t choose a favorite type of racing, but the community she’s met is by far the best part of it all. Along with racing and finishing her Sports Management degree this Fall, she’s also excited to be an Asst. Coach for a girl’s mountain bike team this season because #moregirlsonbikes!

Sarah Gibertoni

Sarah is a senior at Killing Mountain School, and has been racing cyclocross for 5 years and road for 3. She is looking forward to doing some more mountain bike races this Spring, and loves seeing all the places your bike can take you.

Our biggest thanks to the sponsors backing our race calendar:

  • the most efficient registration and event management platform for event directors and athletes.
  • Share Coffee Roasters: the best coffee, delivered. Carefully sourced based on cup quality, environmental stewardship, and traceability. Weekly subscription service & cafes in Amherst and Northampton, MA.
  • Cycle-Smart: offering in-depth coaching, development, and solutions for cycling
  • Northampton Bicycle: Northampton’s go-to for Sales & Service, with an indoor cycling studio & full service coffee / beer / cocktail bar.
  • JRA Cycles: Boston’s premiere full-service and sale bicycle shop, located in Medford, MA
  • TW Metals: a leading global distributor of Specialty Metals
  • Jake’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream: New Hampshire’s Finest Ice Cream & Cakes
  • Craft Sportswear: exceptionally functional clothing for optimal performance
  • Mad Alchemy: the best embrocation, chamois cream, & sock doping
  • Shred Girls: a book series and brand that gets young girls and preteens into riding